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Orange UK SIM Card Activation


To Activate an Orange SIM Card follow the instructions below:

You may find that when you put the SIM Card into an Orange phone it shows no signal. By following the procedure below you can get your SIM card activated in the shortest possible time.

Before calling the number below ensure you have the SIM Card to hand as you will need the 19 digit number that is printed on it:

  1. From another phone call 0800 079 0006
  2. Say 'Yes' to request a new number
  3. Key in the SIM Card number
  4. You will be asked for the IEMI number - Say "Help me find it"
  5. Say "No" to having the box and "No" to having the phone switched on
  6. You will be transferred to representative
  7. After activation place the SIM in a phone and turn it on/off/on. It can take 24 hrs for it to become activated but is usually done in a few minutes.


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