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Vodafone UK SIM Card Activation


Activate Vodafone UK SIM for your GSM Alarm in 10 Steps

Vodafone SIM Card Activation is not as easy as it could be.

If you've received or obtained a new Vodafone SIM Card, that needs activation, then you'll need to call the automated test service by dialling 17298 or 1789. If this doesn't work then try following the 10 steps below. Once activated you can then top-up by debit or credit card.

Call Vodafone on 08700 700191 or 07836 191 191 from another phone.

Enter the following at the voice prompts:
1. Wait until asked to Press #.
2. Press 1 for the PAYG team.
3. Press * for no number.
4. Press 2 for a problem.
5. Press 1 for PAYG service.
6. You should then be connected to a real person.
7. Explain that you have a new unregistered SIM you would like to top up. They will then usually add £1 credit to the SIM and ask you to put this in a phone and call 2345 to top up.
8. Once completed place the SIM card into your alarm.
9. We advise that you register the card online once activated to make it easier to top-up and use auto top-up so there is always credit on the SIM Card.
10. You must make a chargeable call at least once every 3 months for the SIM Card to remain active. It will be de-activated even if there is credit on it if you do not do this.


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Talk To A Real Person At Vodafone Customer Services

If you still get a message saying ".... to prevent fraud..." and you cannot top-up, then you will need to call Vodafone Customer Services, but because there is no credit on the SIM card you won't be able to talk to someone if you call 191!

If you are still trying to Activate a Vodafone SIM then visit us on Facebook or Google+ and we'll tell you the phone numbers you need to get around this and how to quickly get through their voice response system!

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