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Wireless Door Window Sensor (100m)

£4.50 (inc VAT) £16.99

This sensor is attached to a door or window so that when its opened the alarm is triggered. The contact has to be to the right of the sensor so these are best suited to doors or windows that are hinged on the left when looking at them from the inside. Use these sensors to protect the perimeter of your property and benefit from the 'home arm' feature of your house alarm system.

Now compatibile with the Alert Pal range of products


  • On activation upper LED will illuminate.
  • On low battery lower LED will illuminate.
  • Programmable device code allows multiple sensors per zone
  • Indoor use only.


  • Wireless Frequency: 433 Mhz.
  • Wireless Range: 100m max. Typical range is 30 - 50m depending on conditions.
  • Width x Depth x Height approx. (cm) = 3.5 x 1.6 x 7.


  • Alert Pal tick,yes
  • Premier House Alarm tick,yes
  • Elite House Alarm tick,yes
  • Medilarm Classic cross,no
  • Medilarm Pro Personal Alarm for the Elderly cross,no


  • 1 x Wireless Door Window Sensor.
  • 1 x Magnetic Contact.
  • 1 x Sticky Pad
  • 1 x 12V A23 Battery (MN21/L1028/8LR23) (included free).


  • Best suited for use where the door and frame are flush but magnetic contact can be on an angle making it suitable for double glazed window and door frames.
  • Either use the supplied sticky pads to attach the sensor to the door or window or remove the back cover and screw this to the door and then clip the sensors back on.
  • The wireless code that the vibration sensor uses to uniquely identify itself to the alarm, can be set or altered by carrying out the following steps:
    • Remove the back cover.
    • Locate the rows of 3 small pins that point upwards.
    • Remove the series of small clips (jumpers) that are attached to one of the pins in each row.
    • Reposition each clip in any order across two pins on the same row (a clip is not required on every row). If you require two sensors to be on the same alarm zone then just make sure they both have the same pattern of clips so they generate the same wireless code.

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